Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1723

Chapter 77 Section 1723


Collection of taxes, personal; distress warrant; removal from county of taxpayer; alias distress warrants.

It shall be the duty of the sheriff or his deputy in making return of the distress warrant to note in such return the county to which any such delinquent taxpayer may have removed, with the date of his removal, if he shall be able to ascertain such fact, and it is made his duty to make diligent inquiry therefor. It shall be the duty of the several county treasurers in the state, immediately after the return of such distress warrant, to issue an alias distress warrant to the sheriff of any county in this state into which such taxpayer may have removed, or may reside, or in which his personal property may be found, who shall proceed to collect such taxes the same as upon execution, together with his costs, and after so collecting to forward the same with such warrant, and his return thereon, to the treasurer of the county wherein such distress warrant was issued.


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