Nebraska Revised Statute 69-2429

Chapter 69


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Concealed Handgun Permit Act:

(1) Concealed handgun means a handgun that is entirely obscured from view. If any part of the handgun is capable of being seen or observed by another person, it is not a concealed handgun;

(2) Handgun means any firearm with a barrel less than sixteen inches in length or any firearm designed to be held and fired by the use of a single hand;

(3) Peace officer means any town marshal, chief of police or local police officer, sheriff or deputy sheriff, the Superintendent of Law Enforcement and Public Safety, any officer of the Nebraska State Patrol, any member of the National Guard on active service by direction of the Governor during periods of emergency or civil disorder, any Game and Parks Commission conservation officer, and all other persons with similar authority to make arrests;

(4) Permitholder means an individual holding a current and valid permit to carry a concealed handgun issued pursuant to the Concealed Handgun Permit Act; and

(5) Proof of training means an original document or certified copy of a document, supplied by an applicant, that certifies that he or she either:

(a) Within the previous three years, has successfully completed a handgun training and safety course approved by the Nebraska State Patrol pursuant to section 69-2432; or

(b) Is a member of the active or reserve armed forces of the United States or a member of the National Guard and has had handgun training within the previous three years which meets the minimum safety and training requirements of section 69-2432.