Nebraska Revised Statute 48-622

Chapter 48


Funds lost and improper expenditures; replacement; reimbursement.

This state recognizes its obligation to replace, and hereby pledges the faith of this state that funds will be provided in the future, and applied to the replacement of, any money received from the Secretary of Labor of the United States under Title III of the Social Security Act, any unencumbered balances in the Employment Security Administration Fund, any money granted to this state pursuant to the Wagner-Peyser Act, and any money made available by the state or its political subdivisions and matched by such money granted to this state pursuant to the Wagner-Peyser Act, which the Secretary of Labor finds has, because of any action or contingency, been lost or has been expended for purposes other than, or in amounts in excess of, those found necessary by the Secretary of Labor for the proper administration of the Employment Security Law. To the extent possible such money shall be promptly replaced by money appropriated for such purpose from the Employment Security Special Contingent Fund of this state to the Employment Security Administration Fund for expenditure as provided in section 48-621.


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