Nebraska Revised Statute 48-620

Chapter 48


Unemployment Trust Fund; discontinuance.

(1) The provisions of sections 48-617 to 48-619, to the extent that they relate to the Unemployment Trust Fund, shall be operative only so long as such Unemployment Trust Fund continues to exist and so long as the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America continues to maintain for this state a separate book account of all funds deposited therein by this state for benefit purposes. The separate book account for this state shall also include the state's proportionate share of earnings from the Unemployment Trust Fund, from which no other state is permitted to make withdrawals. If and when the Unemployment Trust Fund ceases to exist or such separate book account is no longer maintained, all money, properties, or securities therein belonging to the Unemployment Compensation Fund of this state shall be transferred to the treasurer of the Unemployment Compensation Fund.

(2) If advances to the Unemployment Trust Fund under Title XII of the federal Social Security Act are necessary, any interest required to be paid on such advances shall be paid in a timely manner and shall not be paid by this state, directly or indirectly, by an equivalent reduction in state unemployment taxes or otherwise, from amounts in the Unemployment Compensation Fund.


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