Nebraska Revised Statute 48-431

Chapter 48


Buildings; construction; elevating machines or hoists; safety regulations.

If elevating machines or hoisting apparatus are used within a building in the course of construction for the purpose of lifting materials to be used in such construction, the contractors or owners shall cause the shafts or openings in each floor to be enclosed or fenced in on all sides by a substantial barrier or railing at least eight feet in height. Any hoisting machines or engines used in such building construction shall, where practicable, be set up or placed on the ground, and where it is necessary in the construction of such building to place such hoisting machine or engine on some floor above the ground floor, such machine or engine must be properly secured and supported with a foundation capable of safely sustaining twice the weight of such machine or engine. If a building in course of construction is five stories or more in height, no material needed for such construction shall be hoisted or lifted over public streets or alleys unless such street or alley shall be barricaded from use by the public. The chief officer in any city or village charged with the enforcement of local building laws and ordinances, shall cooperate with the Department of Labor in enforcing the provisions of sections 48-425 to 48-435.


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