Nebraska Revised Statute 48-402

Chapter 48


Dressing rooms; duty to provide; rights of lessee.

In factories, mills, workshops, mercantile or mechanical establishments, or other places where the labor performed by the operator is of such a character that it becomes necessary to change the clothing, wholly or in part, before leaving the building at the close of the day's work, separate dressing rooms shall be provided for females whenever so required by the Department of Labor. It shall be the duty of every occupant, whether owner or lessee of any such premises used as specified by sections 48-401 to 48-424, to make all the changes and additions thereto. In case such changes are made upon the order of the department to the lessee of the premises, the lessee may at any time within thirty days after the completion thereof, bring an action against any person, corporation, partnership, or limited liability company having an interest in such premises and may recover such proportion of expenses of making such changes and additions as the court adjudges should justly and equitably be borne by such defendant.


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  • Lessee is given a cause of action against parties having interest in premises for share of cost of changes and additions. Quist v. Duda, 159 Neb. 393, 67 N.W.2d 481 (1954).