Nebraska Revised Statute 48-3003

Chapter 48


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Teleworker Job Creation Act:

(1) Application filing date means the date that the employer files an application for an agreement with the director under the act;

(2) Base year means the three hundred sixty-five days immediately preceding the application filing date;

(3) Base-year employee means any individual who was employed in Nebraska and subject to the Nebraska income tax on compensation received from the employer or its predecessors during the base year and who is employed at the project;

(4) Director means the Director of Economic Development;

(5) Employer means a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, cooperative, limited cooperative association, or joint venture, together with such other entities that are, or would be if incorporated, members of the same unitary group as defined in section 77-2734.04, that employs the teleworkers for which the job training reimbursements are applied for under the act;

(6) Qualified training program means a training program which has the following features: (a) The program has at least fifteen hours of instruction per trainee, all of which will occur in the trainee's residence; (b) trainees are each paid at least the federal minimum hourly wage per hour of training performed; (c) trainees are being trained as teleworkers; and (d) the program requires the trainees to pass job-related tests established by the employer;

(7) Qualifying employee means a teleworker who has the following characteristics: (a) The teleworker constitutes an employee of the employer under section 77-2753; (b) the teleworker resides in Nebraska at the time of his or her employment application according to his or her statement on his or her employment application; (c) the teleworker completes a qualified training program; (d) the teleworker is not a base-year employee; (e) the teleworker is not required to purchase a computer from the employer; (f) the teleworker has passed such job-related tests required under the qualified training program; (g) the teleworker has passed a criminal background check as required by the employer; and (h) the teleworker has been allowed to complete the hiring process paperwork from his or her residence, except for any drug testing and notarized proof of identity, which can be performed at such location directed by the employer; and

(8) Teleworker means a person who works for the employer from his or her residence through the use of telecommunication systems, such as the telephone and the Internet, for inbound-only service and order-taking sales calls, which calls may also include the upselling of related products or services.