Nebraska Revised Statute 48-2911

Chapter 48


Contracts; affidavit required; rescission.

Any contract between the state or a political subdivision and a contractor shall require that each contractor who performs construction or delivery service pursuant to the contract submit to the state or political subdivision an affidavit attesting that (1) each individual performing services for such contractor is properly classified under the Employee Classification Act, (2) such contractor has completed a federal I-9 immigration form and has such form on file for each employee performing services, (3) such contractor has complied with section 4-114, (4) such contractor has no reasonable basis to believe that any individual performing services for such contractor is an undocumented worker, and (5) as of the time of the contract, such contractor is not barred from contracting with the state or any political subdivision pursuant to section 48-2907 or 48-2912. Such contract shall also require that the contractor follow the provisions of the Employee Classification Act. A violation of the act by a contractor is grounds for rescission of the contract by the state or political subdivision.