Nebraska Revised Statute 48-229

Chapter 48


Veterans preference; Commissioner of Labor; duties.

It shall be the duty of the Commissioner of Labor to enforce the provisions of sections 48-225 to 48-231. The commissioner shall act on preference claims as follows:

(1) When the employing agency and the claimant are in disagreement or when there is doubt as to any preference claim, the commissioner shall adjudicate the claim based on information given in the claim, the documents supporting the claim, and information which may be received from the armed forces of the United States, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, or the National Archives and Records Administration;

(2) The commissioner shall allow a tentative five-percent preference, pending receipt of additional information, to any person who claims either a five-percent or a ten-percent preference but who furnishes insufficient information to establish entitlement thereto at the time of examination; and

(3) The commissioner shall decide appeals from preference determinations made by any employing agency.