Nebraska Revised Statute 48-2213

Chapter 48


Meatpacking industry worker rights coordinator; established; powers and duties.

(1) The position of meatpacking industry worker rights coordinator is established within the department. The coordinator shall be appointed by the commissioner.

(2) The duties of the coordinator shall be to inspect and review the practices and procedures of meatpacking operations in the State of Nebraska as they relate to the provisions of the Governor's Nebraska Meatpacking Industry Workers Bill of Rights, which rights are outlined as follows:

(a) The right to organize;

(b) The right to a safe workplace;

(c) The right to adequate facilities and the opportunity to use them;

(d) The right to complete information;

(e) The right to understand the information provided;

(f) The right to existing state and federal benefits and rights;

(g) The right to be free from discrimination;

(h) The right to continuing training, including training of supervisors;

(i) The right to compensation for work performed; and

(j) The right to seek state help.

(3) The coordinator and his or her designated representatives shall have access to all meatpacking operations in the State of Nebraska at any time meatpacking products are being processed and industry workers are on the job.

(4) Necessary office space, furniture, equipment, and supplies as well as necessary assistance for the coordinator shall be provided by the commissioner.

(5) Preference shall be given to applicants for the coordinator position who are fluent in the Spanish language.

(6) The coordinator shall, on or before December 1 of each year, submit a report to the members of the Legislature and the Governor regarding any recommended actions the coordinator deems necessary or appropriate to provide for the fair treatment of workers in the meatpacking industry. The report submitted to the members of the Legislature shall be submitted electronically.