Nebraska Revised Statute 48-2210

Chapter 48


Written statement required; when; contents; employer provide transportation; when.

(1) An employer or a representative of an employer who actively recruits any non-English-speaking persons for employment in this state and whose work force is more than ten percent non-English-speaking employees who speak the same non-English language shall file with the commissioner a written statement signed by the employer and each such employee which provides relevant information regarding the position of employment, including:

(a) The minimum number of hours the employee can expect to work on a weekly basis;

(b) The hourly wages of the position of employment including the starting hourly wage;

(c) A description of the responsibilities and tasks of the position of employment;

(d) A description of the transportation and housing to be provided, if any, including any costs to be charged for housing or transportation, the length of time such housing is to be provided, and whether or not such housing is in compliance with all applicable state and local housing standards; and

(e) Any occupational physical demands and hazards of the position of employment which are known to the employer.

The statement shall be written in English and in the identified language of the non-English-speaking employee, and the employer or the representative shall explain in detail the contents of the statement prior to obtaining the employee's signature. A copy of the statement shall be given to the employee.

It is a violation of this subsection if an employer or representative knowingly and willfully provides false or misleading information on the statement or regarding the contents of the statement.

(2) An employer shall provide transportation for a recruited employee, at no cost to the employee, to the location from which the employee was recruited if the employee:

(a) Resigns from employment within four weeks after the initial date of employment; and

(b) Requests transportation within not more than three days after the employee's last day of employment with the employer which recruited the employee.