Nebraska Revised Statute 48-144.02

Chapter 48


Compensation insurance carrier; risk management pool; reports; time within which to file.

(1) Whenever any insurance carrier shall write a policy of workers' compensation insurance under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, such carrier shall file a report showing the name and address of the insured employer, the name of the insurance carrier, the policy number, the effective date and expiration date of such policy, and such other information as the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court may require. Such report shall be filed with the compensation court within ten days of the effective date of such policy.

(2) Whenever any risk management pool is organized or accepts a new member or whenever any member of a risk management pool voluntarily terminates membership or is involuntarily terminated, such pool shall file a report within ten days after any such event with the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court showing the names and local addresses of its members or the name, local address, and effective date of termination or joinder of any single member.


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Cross References

  • Risk management pool, defined, see section 44-4303.