Nebraska Revised Statute 48-144

Chapter 48


Accidents and settlements; reports; death of alien employee; notice to consul.

(1) Reports of accidents and settlements shall be made in a form and manner prescribed by the administrator of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court. Such reports, if filed by a workers' compensation insurer on behalf of an employer, shall be deemed to have been filed by the employer.

(2) When an injury results in the death of an employee who is a citizen or subject of a foreign country, the administrator of the compensation court shall, after the death has been reported to the compensation court, at once notify the superior consular officer of the country of which the employee at the time of his or her death was a citizen or subject, and whose consular district embraces the State of Nebraska, or the representative, residing in the State of Nebraska, of such consular officer, whom he or she shall have formally designated as his or her representative by a communication in writing to the compensation court. Such notification shall contain in addition to the name of the employee such further information as the compensation court may possess respecting the place of birth, parentage, and names and addresses of the dependents of the employee.


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