Nebraska Revised Statute 48-142

Chapter 48


Compensation; amount agreed upon; payment to trustee; procedure.

At any time after the amount of any award has been agreed upon by the parties and approved by the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court, a sum equal to the present value of all future installments of compensation may, when death or the nature of the injury renders the amount of future payments certain, by leave of the compensation court, be paid by the employer, or by the insurance company carrying such risk, as the case may be, to any savings bank or trust company of this state, in good standing, and such sum together with all interest thereon, shall thereafter be held in trust for the employee or the dependents of the employee, who shall have no further recourse against the employer. The payment of such sum by the employer, evidenced by the receipt of the trustee to be filed with the compensation court, shall operate as a satisfaction of such award as to the employer. Payments from such fund shall be made by the trustee in the same amounts and at the same time as are herein required of the employer until the fund and interest shall be exhausted. In the appointment of the trustee, preference shall be given, in the discretion of the compensation court, to the choice of the injured employee or the dependents of the deceased employee as the case may be.


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