Nebraska Revised Statute 43-535

Chapter 43


Families; training and treatment programs; legislative findings.

The Legislature hereby finds and declares that the family is the backbone of Nebraska and it is in the best interests of Nebraska to solidify, preserve, strengthen, and maintain the family unit. Often when a family member is afflicted with substance abuse or mental health problems all family members are affected and the family unit itself becomes fragmented and begins to deteriorate. It is the intent of the Legislature, through the appropriations prescribed in Laws 1988, LB 846, to use a portion of the funds to implement programs to train qualified personnel and to establish creative programs in the areas of family-centered counseling and the prevention and treatment of substance abuse or mental health problems within such families consistent with the findings and principles of sections 43-532 and 43-533. The personnel training and treatment programs shall be designed to aid each family member and the family unit by using counseling and any other necessary creative treatment programs which are the least intrusive and least restrictive on the family unit yet serve to repair and strengthen such unit.


Cross References

  • Nebraska Strengthening Families Act, see section 43-4701.