Nebraska Revised Statute 43-529

Chapter 43


Aid to dependent children; needs of persons with whom child is living; payment; requirements.

(1) Payments with respect to any dependent child, including payments to meet the needs of the relative with whom such child is living, such relative's spouse, and the needs of any other individual living in the same home as such child and relative if such needs are taken into account in making the determination for eligibility of such child to receive aid to families with dependent children, may be made on behalf of such child, relative, and other person to either (a) another individual who, in accordance with standards set by the Department of Health and Human Services, is interested in or concerned with the welfare of such child or relative, or (b) directly to a person or entity furnishing food, living accommodations, or other goods, services, or items to or for such child, relative, or other person, or (c) both such individual and such person or entity.

(2) No such payments shall be made unless all of the following conditions are met: (a) The department has determined that the relative of such child with respect to whom such payments are made has such inability to manage funds that making payments to him or her would be contrary to the welfare of the child and that it is therefor necessary to provide such aid with respect to such child and relative through payments described above to another interested individual, (b) the department has made arrangements for undertaking and continuing special efforts to develop greater ability on the part of the relative to manage funds in such a manner as to protect the welfare of the family, and (c) the department has approved a plan that provides for a periodic review to ascertain whether conditions justifying such payments still exist, with provision for termination of such payments if such conditions no longer exist and for judicial appointment of a guardian or conservator if it appears that the need for such special payments is continuing or is likely to continue beyond a period specified by the department.