Nebraska Revised Statute 43-405

Chapter 43


Office of Juvenile Services; administrative duties.

The administrative duties of the Office of Juvenile Services are to:

(1) Manage, establish policies for, and administer the office, including all facilities and programs operated by the office or provided through the office by contract with a provider;

(2) Supervise employees of the office, including employees of the facilities and programs operated by the office;

(3) Have separate budgeting procedures and develop and report budget information separately from the Department of Health and Human Services;

(4) Adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for the levels of treatment and for management, control, screening, treatment, rehabilitation, transfer, discharge, and evaluation of juveniles committed to the Office of Juvenile Services;

(5) Ensure that statistical information concerning juveniles committed to facilities of the office is collected, developed, and maintained for purposes of research and the development of treatment programs;

(6) Monitor commitments, placements, and evaluations at facilities and programs operated by the office or through contracts with providers and submit electronically an annual report of its findings to the Legislature. The report shall include an assessment of the administrative costs of operating the facilities, the cost of programming, and the savings realized through reductions in commitments, placements, and evaluations;

(7) Coordinate the programs and services of the juvenile justice system with other governmental agencies and political subdivisions;

(8) Coordinate educational, vocational, and social counseling for juveniles committed to the office; and

(9) Exercise all powers and perform all duties necessary to carry out its responsibilities under the Health and Human Services, Office of Juvenile Services Act.