Nebraska Revised Statute 43-3335

Chapter 43


Order to withhold and deliver; notice to obligor; contents; appeal.

(1) Within five days after the issuance of the order to withhold and deliver, the department shall send written notice to the obligor by first-class mail. The notice shall be dated and shall specify the payor to which an order to withhold and deliver was sent, the amount due, the steps to be followed to release the property, the time period in which to respond to such notice, and the court or agency of competent jurisdiction which issued the support order.

(2) The obligor may request a hearing to contest a mistake of fact by sending a written request to the department within seven days after the date of the notice. The department shall provide an opportunity for a hearing within ten days after receipt of the written request and shall stay enforcement actions under sections 43-3333 to 43-3337 until the administrative appeal process is completed.