Nebraska Revised Statute 43-254.01

Chapter 43


Temporary mental health placement; evaluation; procedure.

(1) Any time a juvenile is temporarily placed at a mental health facility pursuant to subsection (3) of section 43-250 or by a court as a juvenile who is mentally ill and dangerous, a mental health professional as defined in section 71-906 shall evaluate the mental condition of the juvenile as soon as reasonably possible but not later than thirty-six hours after the juvenile's admission, unless the juvenile was evaluated by a mental health professional immediately prior to the juvenile being placed in temporary custody and the temporary custody is based upon the conclusions of that evaluation. The mental health professional who performed the evaluation prior to the temporary custody or immediately after the temporary custody shall, without delay, convey the results of his or her evaluation to the county attorney.

(2) If it is the judgment of the mental health professional that the juvenile is not mentally ill and dangerous or that the harm described in section 71-908 is not likely to occur before the matter may be heard by a juvenile court, the mental health professional shall immediately notify the county attorney of that conclusion and the county attorney shall either proceed to hearing before the court within twenty-four hours or order the immediate release of the juvenile from temporary custody. Such release shall not prevent the county attorney from proceeding on the petition if he or she so chooses.

(3) A juvenile taken into temporary protective custody under subsection (3) of section 43-250 shall have the opportunity to proceed to adjudication hearing within seven days unless the matter is continued. Continuances shall be liberally granted at the request of the juvenile, his or her guardian ad litem, attorney, parents, or guardian. Continuances may be granted to permit the juvenile an opportunity to obtain voluntary treatment.