Nebraska Revised Statute 43-2507.01

Chapter 43


Eligible infants and toddlers with disabilities; entitlements.

(1) Infants or toddlers who are referred because of possible disabilities shall be entitled, at no cost to their families, to early identification of eligible infants or toddlers, evaluation and assessment in order to determine eligibility under the Special Education Act, and procedural safeguards.

(2) By June 1, 1995, eligible infants or toddlers with disabilities shall also be entitled, at no cost to their families, to services coordination and development of the individualized family service plan.

(3) For other early intervention services not mandated under the Special Education Act and not paid through any other source, including, but not limited to, insurance, medicaid, or other third-party payor, payment for such services shall be the responsibility of the parent, guardian, or other person responsible for the eligible infant or toddler.

(4) Except for services coordination, the Early Intervention Act shall not be construed to create new early intervention or family services or establish an entitlement to such new services.


  • Laws 1993, LB 520, § 11.

Cross References

  • Special Education Act, see section 79-1110.