Nebraska Revised Statute 43-1734

Chapter 43


Foreign support order; validity; prima facie evidence; allowable defenses.

At any hearing contesting a proposed income withholding based on a foreign support order entered under section 43-1729, the entered order, the certified copy of an income withholding order or notice, if any, still in effect, and the sworn or certified statement concerning arrearages and any assignment of rights shall constitute prima facie evidence, without further proof or foundation, that the support order is valid, that the amount of current support payments and arrearages is as stated, and that the obligee would be entitled to income withholding under the law of the jurisdiction which issued the support order.

Once a prima facie case has been established, the obligor may raise only the following defenses:

(1) That withholding is not proper because of a mistake of fact, that is not res judicata, concerning matters such as an error in the amount of current support owed or the arrearage that has accrued, mistaken identity of the obligor, or error in the amount of income to be withheld;

(2) That the court or agency which issued the support order lacked personal jurisdiction over the obligor;

(3) That the support order was obtained by fraud; or

(4) That the statute of limitations, as provided in subsection (3) of section 43-1742, precludes enforcement of all or part of the arrearages.

The burden shall be on the obligor to establish such defenses.


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