Nebraska Revised Statute 43-1512

Chapter 43


Improper removal from custody; effect.

When any petitioner in an Indian child custody proceeding before a state court has improperly removed the child from custody of the parent or Indian custodian or has improperly retained custody after a visit or other temporary relinquishment of custody, the court shall decline jurisdiction over such petition and shall forthwith return the child to his or her parent or Indian custodian unless returning the child to his or her parent or custodian would subject the child to a substantial and immediate danger or threat of such danger.


  • Laws 1985, LB 255, § 12.


  • In a child custody proceeding involving an Indian child, this section applies only when "any petitioner" improperly removes or retains custody of the Indian child; it does not apply where a court order brings about the removal of the Indian child and a petitioner merely follows that order. In re Guardianship of Eliza W., 304 Neb. 995, 938 N.W.2d 307 (2020).

  • The lower standard of proof under subsection (3) of section 43-279.01 for the termination of parental rights to non-Indian children, as opposed to the higher standard of proof under the Nebraska Indian Child Welfare Act does not violate the equal protection rights of parents of non-Indian children. In re Interest of Phoenix L. et al., 270 Neb. 870, 708 N.W.2d 786 (2006).