Nebraska Revised Statute 43-1304

Chapter 43


Local foster care review boards; members; powers and duties.

There shall be local foster care review boards to conduct the foster care file audit case reviews of children in foster care placement and carry out other powers and duties given to such boards under the Foster Care Review Act. The executive director of the office shall select members to serve on local boards from a list of applications submitted to the office. Each local board shall consist of not less than four and not more than ten members as determined by the executive director. The members of the local board shall reasonably represent the various social, economic, racial, and ethnic groups of the county or counties from which its members may be appointed. A person employed by the office, the Department of Health and Human Services, a residential child-caring agency, a child-placing agency, or a court shall not be appointed to a local board. A list of the members of each local board shall be sent to the department and the Office of Probation Administration.