Nebraska Revised Statute 43-104.04

Chapter 43


Child born out of wedlock; failure to file notice; effect.

If a Notice of Objection to Adoption and Intent to Obtain Custody is not timely filed with the putative father registry pursuant to section 43-104.02, the mother of a child born out of wedlock or an agent specifically designated in writing by the mother may request, and the Department of Health and Human Services shall supply, a certificate that no such notice has been filed with the putative father registry. The filing of such certificate pursuant to section 43-102 shall eliminate the need or necessity of a consent or relinquishment for adoption by the putative father of such child.



  • For an adoption to proceed, the consent of the biological father who has established a familial relationship with his child is required unless, under section 43-104(2), the party seeking adoption has established that the biological parent: (1) has relinquished the child for adoption by a written instrument, (2) has abandoned the child for at least six months next preceding the filing of the adoption petition, (3) has been deprived of his or her parental rights to such child by the order of any court of competent jurisdiction, or (4) is incapable of consenting. In re Adoption of Corbin J., 278 Neb. 1057, 775 N.W.2d 404 (2009).

  • Five-day filing requirement for paternity held constitutional as applied, because such requirement did not violate right of equal protection or procedural due process. Friehe v. Schaad, 249 Neb. 825, 545 N.W.2d 740 (1996).