Nebraska Revised Statute 38-3014

Chapter 38


Physician assistants; supervision; supervising podiatrist; requirements; collaborative agreement.

(1) To supervise a physician assistant, a podiatrist shall:

(a) Be licensed to practice podiatry under the Podiatry Practice Act;

(b) Have no restriction imposed by the board on such podiatrist's ability to supervise a physician assistant; and

(c) Maintain a collaborative agreement with the physician assistant.

(2) The podiatrist shall keep the collaborative agreement on file at the podiatrist's primary practice site, shall keep a copy of the collaborative agreement on file at each practice site where the physician assistant provides podiatry services, and shall make the collaborative agreement available to the board and the department upon request.

(3) Supervision of a physician assistant by a supervising podiatrist shall be continuous but shall not require the physical presence of the supervising podiatrist at the time and place that the services are rendered. A physician assistant may render services in a setting that is geographically remote from the supervising podiatrist.

(4) A supervising podiatrist may supervise no more than four physician assistants at any one time. The board may consider an application for waiver of this limit and may waive the limit upon a showing that the supervising podiatrist meets the minimum requirements for the waiver. The department may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations establishing minimum requirements for such waivers.