Nebraska Revised Statute 29-909

Chapter 29


Pretrial release agency; authority to designate; recommendations; recognizance; when.

The district courts of this state are authorized to designate an official pretrial release agency for a district, or for any county within a district, whenever the court is satisfied that such agency can render competent and effective assistance to the court in making its determination of the terms and conditions under which any court should release a prisoner from jail prior to trial. When such a pretrial release agency has been designated, the judge of any court within the district or county in which such agency has been authorized to operate may give consideration to a report and recommendation of such agency and in the event that such agency should recommend the release of the prisoner on his own recognizance, the court may order the release of the prisoner without the necessity of posting a cash deposit or requiring any surety set out in section 29-901. Nothing in this section shall restrict any court from releasing a prisoner on his own recognizance, whether or not he has received a report or recommendation from a pretrial release agency, if the judge determines that such type of release would adequately serve the ends of justice.


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