Nebraska Revised Statute 29-902.01

Chapter 29


Presiding judge of certain county courts; designate a judge on call; custodial officer; duties.

(1) The presiding judge of the county court in each county having a population of four hundred thousand or more inhabitants as determined by the most recent federal decennial census shall, as often as is necessary, meet and designate on a schedule not less than one judge of the county court to be reasonably available on call for the setting of orders for discharge from actual custody upon bail, the issuance of search warrants, and for such other matters as may be deemed appropriate, at all times when a court is not in session in the county.

(2) The officer in charge of a jail, or a person such officer designates, in which an arrested person is held in custody shall assist the arrested person or such person's attorney in contacting the judge on call as soon as possible for the purpose of obtaining release on bail.