Nebraska Revised Statute 29-901.01

Chapter 29


Conditions of release; how determined.

In determining which condition or conditions of release shall reasonably assure appearance and deter possible threats to the safety and maintenance of evidence or the safety of victims, witnesses, or other persons in the community, the judge shall, on the basis of available information, consider the defendant’s financial ability to pay in setting the amount of bond. The judge may also take into account the nature and circumstances of the offense charged, including any information to indicate that the defendant might engage in additional criminal activity or pose a threat to himself or herself, yet to be collected evidence, alleged victims, potential witnesses, or members of the general public, the defendant's family ties, employment, the length of the defendant's residence in the community, the defendant's record of criminal convictions, and the defendant's record of appearances at court proceedings or of flight to avoid prosecution or of failure to appear at court proceedings.