Nebraska Revised Statute 29-4204

Chapter 29


Audiovisual communication system and facilities; requirements.

The audiovisual communication system and the facilities for an audiovisual court appearance shall:

(1) Operate so that the detainee or prisoner and the judge or magistrate can see each other simultaneously and converse with each other verbally and documents can be transmitted between the judge or magistrate and the detainee or prisoner;

(2) Operate so that the detainee or prisoner and his or her counsel, if any, are both physically in the same location during the audiovisual court appearance; or if the detainee or prisoner and his or her counsel are in different locations, operate so that the detainee or prisoner and counsel can communicate privately and confidentially and be allowed to confidentially transmit papers back and forth; and

(3) Be at locations conducive to judicial proceedings. Audiovisual court proceedings may be conducted in the courtroom, the judge's or magistrate's chambers, or any other location suitable for audiovisual communications. The locations shall be sufficiently lighted for use of the audiovisual equipment. The location provided for the judge or magistrate to preside shall be accessible to the public and shall be operated so that interested persons have an opportunity to observe the proceeding.