Nebraska Revised Statute 29-4111

Chapter 29


Unlawful disclosure for pecuniary gain; penalty; attorney's fees.

(1) Any person who has possession of or access to individually identifiable DNA samples or DNA records contained in the State DNA Database or in the State DNA Sample Bank and who for pecuniary gain for such person or for any other person discloses such samples and records in any manner to any person or agency not authorized to receive them is guilty of a Class III misdemeanor.

(2) Any person aggrieved by a knowing violation of this section has the substantive right to bring an action for damages for such violation in a court of competent jurisdiction. A person found by the court to have been aggrieved by a knowing violation of this section may receive damages of not less than one hundred dollars for each violation and may recover the reasonable costs of the litigation and attorney's fees.


  • Laws 1997, LB 278, § 11.