Nebraska Revised Statute 29-4109

Chapter 29


DNA record; expungement; procedure.

A person whose DNA record has been included in the State DNA Database pursuant to the DNA Identification Information Act may request expungement on the grounds that the conviction on which the authority for including such person's DNA record was based has been reversed and the case dismissed. The Nebraska State Patrol shall purge all DNA records and identifiable information in the database pertaining to the person and destroy all DNA samples from the person upon receipt of a written request for expungement pursuant to this section and a certified copy of the final court order reversing and dismissing the conviction.

Within ten calendar days of granting expungement, the Nebraska State Patrol shall provide written notice of such expungement pursuant to subsection (4) of section 29-4108, to any person to whom DNA records and samples have been made available. The Nebraska State Patrol shall establish procedures for providing notice of certification of expungement to the person who was granted expungement.