Nebraska Revised Statute 29-3929

Chapter 29


Chief counsel; duties.

The primary duties of the chief counsel shall be to provide direct legal services to indigent defendants, and the chief counsel shall:

(1) Supervise the operations of the appellate division, the capital litigation division, the DNA testing division, and the major case resource center;

(2) Prepare a budget and disburse funds for the operations of the commission;

(3) Present to the commission an annual report on the operations of the commission, including an accounting of all funds received and disbursed, an evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of the commission, and recommendations for improvement;

(4) Convene or contract for conferences and training seminars related to criminal defense;

(5) Perform other duties as directed by the commission;

(6) Establish and administer projects and programs for the operation of the commission;

(7) Appoint and remove employees of the commission and delegate appropriate powers and duties to them;

(8) Adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for the management and administration of policies of the commission and the conduct of employees of the commission;

(9) Transmit monthly to the commission a report of the operations of the commission for the preceding calendar month;

(10) Execute and carry out all contracts, leases, and agreements authorized by the commission with agencies of federal, state, or local government, corporations, or persons; and

(11) Exercise all powers and perform all duties necessary and proper in carrying out his or her responsibilities.


  • Laws 1995, LB 646, § 11;
  • Laws 2001, LB 659, § 16;
  • Laws 2015, LB268, § 29;
  • Referendum 2016, No. 426.
  • Note: The changes made to section 29-3929 by Laws 2015, LB 268, section 29, have been omitted because of the vote on the referendum at the November 2016 general election.