Nebraska Revised Statute 29-3924

Chapter 29


Commission; members; term.

The commission shall consist of nine members appointed by the Governor from a list of attorneys submitted by the executive council of the Nebraska State Bar Association after consultation with the board of directors of the Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys Association. A member shall be appointed from each of the six Supreme Court judicial districts, and three members shall be appointed at large. The executive council of the Nebraska State Bar Association shall ensure that the selection process promotes appointees who are independent from partisan political influence. To be eligible for appointment, a person shall be a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association who has substantial experience in criminal defense work and, for appointments made after September 13, 1997, substantial experience in civil legal matters that commonly affect low-income persons and, at the time of selection or at any time during the term of office, shall not be a prosecutor, law enforcement official, or judge. All members shall be committed to the principle of providing indigent defense services and civil legal services to low-income persons free from unwarranted judicial or political influence. Each member shall serve for a term of six years, except that three of the initial appointees shall serve terms of two years and three shall serve terms of four years as designated by the Governor. Members may be removed from the commission by the Governor for cause.


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