Nebraska Revised Statute 29-3922

Chapter 29


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the County Revenue Assistance Act:

(1) Chief counsel means an attorney appointed to be the primary administrative officer of the commission pursuant to section 29-3928;

(2) Commission means the Commission on Public Advocacy;

(3) Commission staff means attorneys, investigators, and support staff who are performing work for the capital litigation division, appellate division, DNA testing division, and major case resource center;

(4) Contracting attorney means an attorney contracting to act as a public defender pursuant to sections 23-3404 to 23-3408;

(5) Court-appointed attorney means an attorney other than a contracting attorney or a public defender appointed by the court to represent an indigent person;

(6) Indigent defense services means legal services provided to indigent persons by an indigent defense system in capital cases, felony cases, misdemeanor cases, juvenile cases, mental health commitment cases, child support enforcement cases, and paternity establishment cases;

(7) Indigent defense system means a system of providing services, including any services necessary for litigating a case, by a contracting attorney, court-appointed attorney, or public defender;

(8) Indigent person means a person who is indigent and unable to obtain legal counsel as determined pursuant to subdivision (3) of section 29-3901; and

(9) Public defender means an attorney appointed or elected pursuant to sections 23-3401 to 23-3403.