Nebraska Revised Statute 29-3519

Chapter 29


Criminal justice information systems; computerized; access; limitations; security; conditions.

Whenever computerized data processing is employed, effective and technologically advanced software and hardware designs shall be instituted to prevent unauthorized access to such information. Computer operations which support criminal justice information systems shall operate in accordance with procedures approved by the participating criminal justice agencies and assure that (1) criminal history record information is stored by the computer in such a manner that it cannot be modified, destroyed, accessed, changed, purged, or overlaid in any fashion by noncriminal justice terminals, (2) operation programs are used that will prohibit inquiry, record updates, or destruction of records from any terminal other than criminal justice system terminals which are so designated, (3) destruction of records is limited to designated terminals under the direct control of the criminal justice agency responsible for creating or storing the criminal history record information, (4) operational programs are used to detect and store, for the output of designated criminal justice agency employees, all unauthorized attempts to penetrate any criminal history record information system, program, or file, (5) the programs specified in subdivisions (2) and (4) of this section are known only to criminal justice agency employees responsible for criminal history record information control, or individuals and agencies pursuant to a specific agreement with the criminal justice agency to provide such programs and that the programs are kept continuously under maximum security conditions, and (6) a criminal justice agency may audit, monitor, and inspect procedures established in this section.


  • Laws 1978, LB 713, § 21.