Nebraska Revised Statute 29-3516

Chapter 29


Criminal justice agency; disposition of cases; report; procedure; commission; forms; rules and regulations; adopt.

Each criminal justice agency in this state shall report the disposition of cases which enter its area in the administration of criminal justice. As to cases in which fingerprint records must be reported to the Nebraska State Patrol under section 29-209, such disposition reports shall be made to the patrol. In all other cases when a centralized criminal history record information system is maintained by local units of government, dispositions made within the jurisdiction covered by such system shall be reported to the operator of that system or to the arresting agency in a noncentralized criminal history record information system. All dispositions shall be reported as promptly as feasible but not later than fifteen days after the happening of an event which constitutes a disposition. In order to achieve uniformity in reporting procedures, the commission shall prescribe the form to be used in reporting dispositions and may adopt rules and regulations to achieve efficiency and which will promote the ultimate purpose of insuring that each criminal justice information system maintained in this state shall contain complete and accurate criminal history information. All forms and rules and regulations relating to reports of dispositions by courts shall be approved by the Supreme Court of Nebraska.


  • Laws 1978, LB 713, § 18.