Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2802

Chapter 29


Writ; applicant; to be taken before judge; return.

It shall be the duty of the officer or person to whom such writ shall be directed to convey the person or persons so imprisoned or detained and named in such writ, before the judge allowing the same, or, in case of his absence or disability, before some other judge of the same court, on the day specified in such writ, and to make due return of the writ, together with the day and cause of caption and detention of such person, according to the command thereof.


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  • A person to whom a writ of habeas corpus is directed makes response to the writ, not to petition therefor. In re Application of Tail, Tail v. Olson, 144 Neb. 820, 14 N.W.2d 840 (1944).

  • When a child of age of 21 months is the subject of habeas corpus proceeding, it is not necessary that the child remain in the courtroom at all times, but the court may direct on what occasions, during the trial, it shall be brought into court. Kaufmann v. Kaufmann, 140 Neb. 299, 299 N.W. 617 (1941).