Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2541

Chapter 29


Female convicted person; finding convicted person is pregnant; judge; duties; costs.

If the commission appointed pursuant to section 29-2537 finds that the female convicted person is pregnant, the court shall suspend the execution of her sentence. At such time as it shall be determined that such woman is no longer pregnant, the judge shall appoint a date for her execution and issue a warrant directing the enforcement of the sentence of death which shall be delivered to the Director of Correctional Services. The costs and expenses thereof shall be the same as those provided for in the case of an incompetent convicted person and shall be paid in the same manner.


  • Laws 1973, LB 268, § 26;
  • Laws 1986, LB 1177, § 10;
  • Laws 2009, LB36, § 5;
  • Laws 2015, LB268, § 35;
  • Referendum 2016, No. 426.
  • Note: The repeal of section 29-2541 by Laws 2015, LB 268, section 35, is not effective because of the vote on the referendum at the November 2016 general election.