Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2538

Chapter 29


Suspension of execution pending investigation; convict found competent; Supreme Court; appoint a day of execution.

If a court has suspended the execution of the convicted person pending an investigation as to his or her competency, the date for the enforcement of the convicted person's sentence has passed, and the convicted person is found to be competent, the court shall certify that finding to the Supreme Court which shall appoint a day for the enforcement of the convicted person's sentence.


  • Laws 1973, LB 268, § 23;
  • Laws 2009, LB36, § 2;
  • Laws 2015, LB268, § 35;
  • Referendum 2016, No. 426.
  • Note: The repeal of section 29-2538 by Laws 2015, LB 268, section 35, is not effective because of the vote on the referendum at the November 2016 general election.