Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2521.04

Chapter 29


Criminal homicide cases; Supreme Court review and analyze; district court; provide records.

Each district court shall provide all records required by the Supreme Court in order to conduct its review and analysis pursuant to sections 29-2521.01 to 29-2522 and 29-2524.


  • Laws 1978, LB 711, § 4;
  • Laws 2015, LB268, § 35;
  • Referendum 2016, No. 426.
  • Note: The repeal of section 29-2521.04 by Laws 2015, LB 268, section 35, is not effective because of the vote on the referendum at the November 2016 general election.


  • An appeal pursuant to section 29-2525 does not place the burden of creating the record upon either party to the appeal. Instead, pursuant to this section, the district court must provide all records required by the Nebraska Supreme Court in order to conduct its review and analysis. State v. Dunster, 262 Neb. 329, 631 N.W.2d 879 (2001).

  • In adopting sections 29-2521.01 to 29-2522, the Legislature intended to establish a procedure whereby the death penalty would be applied uniformly throughout the state. The procedure does not come into play where the death penalty is not imposed. State v. Welsh, 202 Neb. 249, 275 N.W.2d 54 (1979).