Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2272

Chapter 29


Individuals less than nineteen years of age; readmission to school; school officials; duties; court review; expulsion; screening for disabilities.

(1) If the individual chooses to meet the requirements of section 29-2270 by attending a public school and the individual has previously been expelled from school, prior to the readmission of the individual to the school, school officials shall meet with the individual's probation officer and assist in developing conditions of probation that will provide specific guidelines for behavior and consequences for misbehavior at school as well as educational objectives that must be achieved. The district court, county court, or juvenile court shall review the conditions of probation for the individual and may continue the expulsion or return the individual to school under the agreed conditions.

(2) The school board may expel the individual for subsequent actions as provided in section 79-267.

(3) The individual shall be screened by the school to which he or she is admitted for possible disabilities and, if the screening so indicates, be referred for evaluation for possible placement in a special education program.


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