Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2260.01

Chapter 29


Juvenile intake services; duties; intent.

It is the intent of the Legislature to ensure that a consistent and objective method of juvenile intake occur throughout the state for juveniles held in temporary custody by a law enforcement officer, in accordance with section 43-250, to avoid either inappropriate or unnecessary detention of juveniles which may result in inordinately high detention rates, overcrowding of local detention facilities, excessive detention costs for counties, and adverse consequences for the juvenile, the juvenile's family, or the community. Juvenile intake services shall be administered by probation officers acting as juvenile probation intake officers and shall be available to all juvenile courts in the state, both county courts sitting as juvenile courts and separate juvenile courts. Such probation officers shall be appointed by the probation administrator and designated within respective probation districts based upon the need for such services as the probation administrator determines. In order to adequately provide juvenile intake services statewide and in accordance with the Juvenile Detention and Probation Services Implementation Team Interim Report and Recommendations filed with the Legislature December 15, 2000, it is the intent of the Legislature to appropriate funds to the system to provide seven additional probation officers to act in the capacity of juvenile probation intake officers.