Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2253

Chapter 29


Probation administrator; probation districts; employees; appointment; principal office.

(1) The administrator, with the concurrence of the Supreme Court, shall divide the state into probation districts and may from time to time alter the boundaries of such districts in order to maintain the most economical, efficient, and effective utilization of the system.

(2) The administrator shall appoint temporary and permanent probation officers and employees for each probation district as may be required to provide adequate probation services.

(3) The administrator shall appoint a chief probation officer with the concurrence of the majority of all judges within a probation district.

(4) The administrator shall, with the concurrence of all of the separate juvenile court judges within each separate juvenile court, (a) appoint for each separate juvenile court a chief juvenile probation officer, any deputy juvenile probation officers required, and such other employees as may be required to provide adequate probation services for such court and (b) set the salaries of such officers and employees. The chief and deputy juvenile probation officers shall be selected with reference to experience and understanding of problems of family life and child welfare, juvenile delinquency, community organizations, and training in the recognition and treatment of behavior disorders.

(5) The administrator may direct a probation officer of one probation district to temporarily act as probation officer for a court in another probation district, and such probation officer while so serving shall have all the powers and responsibilities as if he or she were serving in the probation district to which he or she was originally appointed.

(6) The administrator, with the concurrence of the Supreme Court, shall designate the location of the principal office of the system within each probation district.


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Cross References

  • Juvenile court, offices for officers and employees, see section 43-2,113.