Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2018

Chapter 29


Mistake in charging offense; prior to verdict; procedure.

When it shall appear at any time before the verdict that a mistake has been made in charging the proper offense, the accused shall not be discharged if there appears to be good cause to detain him in custody; but the court must recognize him to answer to the offense on the first day of the next term of such court, and shall, if necessary, likewise recognize the witnesses to appear and testify.


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  • In recognizing defendant to appear at next term, judge acts as examining magistrate, and, if he discharges defendant without so recognizing him such discharge will not be bar to arrest and examination before another magistrate. Sieck v. State, 96 Neb. 782, 148 N.W. 928 (1914).

  • Though information is defective, court may hold accused if probable cause exists. State v. Kendall, 38 Neb. 817, 57 N.W. 525 (1894).