Nebraska Revised Statute 29-1816.01

Chapter 29


Arraignment of accused; record of proceedings; filing; evidence.

On the arraignment in the district court of any person accused of a felony, the court may require the official reporter of the court to make a record of the proceedings in such court incident to such arraignment and the disposition of the charge made against the accused including sentence in the event of conviction. The court may further require the court reporter to prepare a transcript of the report of such proceedings, authenticate the transcript with an appropriate certificate to be attached thereto, and cause the same to be filed in the office of the clerk of the court. Such transcript shall be kept in a special file and not removed from the office of the clerk of the district court, except on an order of a judge of the court expressly authorizing removal. In the event that the transcript is so made, authenticated and filed, it, or a duly certified copy thereof, shall become and be competent and lawful evidence and admissible as such in any of the courts of this state.