Nebraska Revised Statute 29-1509

Chapter 29


Money; how described; proof.

In every indictment in which it shall be necessary to make any averment as to any money or bank bills or notes, United States treasury notes, postal and fractional currency, or other bills, bonds or notes, issued by lawful authority and intended to pass and circulate as money, it shall be sufficient to describe such money or bills, notes, currency or bonds simply as money, without specifying any particular coin, note, bill or bond; and such allegation shall be sustained by proof of any amount of coin or of any such note, bill, currency or bond, although the particular species of coin of which such amount was composed, or the particular nature of such note, bill, currency or bond shall not be proved.


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  • This section excuses in indictment particularity in description as to money. Bartley v. State, 55 Neb. 294, 75 N.W. 832 (1898).

  • Averment as to character of money stolen is surplusage. Tracey v. State, 46 Neb. 361, 64 N.W. 1069 (1895).