Nebraska Revised Statute 29-1419

Chapter 29


Trial of indictments; recognizances; undisposed indictments; trial by special prosecutor; when.

The court shall assign such indictments for trial at as early a time in such term as is practicable. And the recognizances of parties and witnesses shall, in all such causes, be taken for their appearance at the time so assigned; and in case of the continuance of any cause to the next term of court, such recognizances shall be for the appearance of the parties and witnesses on such day thereof as the court may direct. At the end of the term the clerk shall deliver the indictments undisposed of to the prosecuting attorney for safekeeping; Provided, however, that where a special prosecutor shall have been appointed by the Governor of the state for the assistance of such grand jury, then the trials of indictments growing out of matters concerning which he has been appointed shall be conducted by such special prosecutor so appointed in all respects as though such special prosecutor were such county attorney; and all provisions relating to the acts of county attorneys shall be deemed to apply to such special prosecutor.


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  • Trial of all indictments shall be had in district court for county in which same were found, and includes indictments for misdemeanors. Nelson v. State, 115 Neb. 26, 211 N.W. 175 (1926).