Nebraska Revised Statute 29-1412.01

Chapter 29


Grand jury; subpoena to testify or produce documents; not required to comply; when.

No person subpoenaed to testify or to produce books, papers, documents, or other objects in any proceeding before any grand jury shall be required to testify or to produce such objects, or be confined as provided in section 29-1412, for his or her failure to so testify or produce such object if, upon filing a motion and, upon an evidentiary hearing before the court which issued such subpoena or a court having jurisdiction under this section, the court finds that:

(1) A primary purpose or effect of requiring such person to so testify or to produce such objects before the grand jury is or will be to secure testimony for trial for which the defendant has already been charged by information, indictment, or criminal complaint;

(2) Compliance with a subpoena would be unreasonable or oppressive;

(3) A primary purpose of the issuance of the subpoena is to harass the witness;

(4) The witness has already been confined or fined under this section for his or her refusal to testify before any grand jury investigating the same transaction, set of transactions, event, or events; or

(5) The witness has not been advised of his or her rights as specified in subsection (2) of section 29-1409.


  • Laws 1979, LB 524, § 8.