Nebraska Revised Statute 29-1411

Chapter 29


Witness; privilege against self-incrimination; immunity; right to counsel; refusal to answer; procedure.

(1) In any proceeding before the grand jury, if the prosecuting attorney has written notice in advance of the appearance of a witness that such witness intends to exercise his or her privilege against self-incrimination, such witness shall not be compelled to appear before the grand jury unless a grant of immunity has been obtained.

(2) Any witness subpoenaed to appear and testify before a grand jury or to produce books, papers, documents, or other objects before such grand jury shall be entitled to assistance of counsel during any time that such witness is being questioned in the presence of such grand jury, and counsel may be present in the grand jury room with his or her client during such questioning. Counsel for the witness shall be permitted only to counsel with the witness and shall not make objections, arguments, or address the grand jury. Such counsel may be retained by the witness or may, for any person financially unable to obtain adequate assistance, be appointed in the same manner as if that person were eligible for appointed counsel. An attorney present in the grand jury room shall take an oath of secrecy. If the court, at an in camera hearing, determines that counsel was disruptive, then the court may order counsel to remain outside the courtroom when advising his or her client. No attorney shall be permitted to provide counsel in the grand jury room to more than one witness in the same criminal investigation, except with the permission of the grand jury.

(3) If any witness appearing before a grand jury shall refuse to answer any interrogatories during the course of his or her examination, the fact shall be communicated to the court in writing, in which the question refused to be answered shall be stated, together with the excuse for the refusal, if any be given by the person interrogated. The court shall thereupon determine whether the witness is bound to answer or not, and the grand jury shall be immediately informed of the decision.


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