Nebraska Revised Statute 29-1302

Chapter 29


Change of venue; how effected; costs; payment.

When the venue is changed, the clerk of the court in which the indictment was found shall file a certification of the case file and costs, which together with the original indictment, shall be transmitted to the clerk of the court to which the venue is changed, and the trial shall be conducted in all respects as if the offender had been indicted in the county to which the venue has been changed. All costs, fees, charges, and expenses accruing from a change of venue, together with all costs, fees, charges, and expenses made or incurred in the trial of, or in keeping, guarding, and maintaining the accused shall be paid by the county in which the indictment was found. The clerk of the trial court shall make a statement of such costs, fees, charges, and expenses and certify and transmit the same to the clerk of the district court where the indictment was found, to be entered upon the register of actions and collected and paid as if a change of venue had not been had.


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  • Counties are obligated to pay costs and expenses of prosecutions, including fees and expenses of attorneys appointed to represent indigent defendants in criminal cases, and there is no requirement that a property tax be levied therefor. Kovarik v. County of Banner, 192 Neb. 816, 224 N.W.2d 761 (1975).

  • Transcript of proceedings is transmitted to adjoining county upon change of venue. State v. Furstenau, 167 Neb. 439, 93 N.W.2d 384 (1958).

  • County from which change of venue is taken is not liable for fees of jurors of regular panel not sitting on trial of case. Dawes County v. Sioux County, 77 Neb. 567, 110 N.W. 378 (1906).

  • Filing of transcript and original indictment of information in office of clerk of court to which change is granted is jurisdictional. Barr v. State, 45 Neb. 458, 63 N.W. 856 (1895).

  • Compensation for assistant to county attorney is to be paid by county where crime was committed. Fuller v. Madison County, 33 Neb. 422, 50 N.W. 255 (1891).